Well, I might be a little misleading because my title implies that I actually keep up with E3. I don’t. I don’t even know when it goes on until I see all the panel and conference videos on youtube. But this year I actually kept up with it….. only a little ;D. But I did get to catch glimpses on games that I’ve been wanting to know more about and I caught the attention of some very interesting looking games that I hadn’t heard of yet. Here go my picks in no particular order:

Assassin’s Creed III

The new protagonist of the game is a Native American/British named Connor.

Assassin’s Creed… This game had me when I first ran through the streets of Florence in AC II. So this game is a must-have for me. History is a huge reason why I like this game, no other game that I’ve play gives me the chance to run around in Renaissance Italy. I loved seeing the Coliseum, the Pantheon, Venice, Florence, Rome! I loved taking part of historical events and meeting historical people, and I was amused by how the creators of this game twisted history around a little.  I also love the fact that this game isn’t gun-and-run. I love that most of the missions here require stealth 😀 And that has remained consistent throughout each of the games.

I must admit that I was a little worried at first because I knew that they had to depart from Ezio and Italy. I mentioned earlier that part of the reason I loved the game was because I loved seeing Renaissance Italy. I had predicted that the new game would be set in either the American or French Revolution. I’m not going to lie, I would have wanted to see it see in France because…. it’s France and their whole revolution was a bloody mess! Think of all the history there! But I’m not disappointed with the game being set in the American revolution. I was a little worried in how his new game would get handled. From what I saw early on, much of the game seems like it will take place in the woods. So what exactly are we going to see scenery-wise? It’s not like Connor will be able to climb atop the Empire State Building in New York. Cities like Boston and New York aren’t the cities that amaze us today. I think I can live without seeing as how they are adding so many new things to the game. My favorite? THE BOW AND THE ARROW! Haha! I fangirled so much when I found out that you could finally use this weapon! I had been waiting for that weapon since Assassin’s Creed II!

So I need this game, I want to see how our history will be twisted, I want to climb huge cliff and sail through harbors, I want to run through the snow and kill a bunch of templars, but most importantly… I WANT THAT BOW AND ARROW!

Watch Dogs

     This is one of those games that caught my attention. You must watch this trailer. Nuff said. I’m still not sure what this game is about! All that I know for certain is that it gets massive bonus points for originality. See, the trailer don’t even include and clips of the game. A woman begins talking about a power outage in the Northeast caused by a single man in 2003 and how corporations are now tracking us and our digital shadow and how they use it to manipulate us. Not necessarily in a bad way, but for like marketing reasons. And how if someone hacks that today it could be much worse than it was in 2003. This is effin’ creepy and it got my attention, but I’m waiting till I see a little more of it before I talk about it. 

Tomb Raider

This is an origin reboot of the series.

When I first read about the reboot I was a little skeptical. I read the cover story about a year back about how they wanted to reboot the series and introduce it to a new generation of gamers. While I never played the old games or watched the movies, I’ve always thought fondly of Lara Croft. Who else wouldn’t love a female archeologist that can kick ass?! 🙂 I know that a lot of people were upset about the direction the franchise is taking, and after reading several comments on youtube I found out that some people don’t know the definition of an origin reboot. Since I never became invested in the original games then I can’t say I’m upset about the reboot. I actually like that they rebooted it and that they’re telling an origin story because I want to know how Lara Croft became that bad-ass archeologist. 🙂 It gives us who didn’t have a chance to play the original game to enjoy a new chapter of the franchise. I also don’t mind the fact that this chick don’t look like a skank. She has more realistic proportions to her body than the old Lara did. It just lets me know that games aren’t going to skew a woman’s body in order to sell more (or at least that’s what it looks like to me, think of how the chicks looked in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). I watch the gameplay trailer that debuted at E3 and I was sold. It probably helps that this game is being developed by the same people who have developed the Final Fantasy games. This is one of those games that I have extremely high hopes for so I hope is doesn’t disappoint me like L.A. Noire did.

The Last of Us

     Na-na-na-na-na! It’s a PS3 exclusive. 😛 Haha, I’m not one of those who is going to argue with you that the PS3 is better than the Xbox. I chose the PS3 because I like Sony better and because I like having that blu-ray player too. It’s also cool when you don’t have to pay money to play online. ;D (And do not even mention that horrible summer when the PSN went down) 😦 Anyway, this game is a post-apocalyptic game by the makers of Uncharted… Honestly, they had me at post-apocalyptic…. and watching gameplay of this video just made me want this game even more… It looks like a mix between Uncharted (not surprising but great since the game was awesome) and I am Legend. This game is my third must have. 😛 Expect it out sometime next year.

Beyond: Two Souls

     Like Watch Dogs, this is one of those games that caught my attention at E3. I’m not too sure what the plot will revolve around but knowing that this game is coming from the same people that made Heavy Rain makes me confident that this game will not disappoint. Ellen Page lends her voice talents to the protagonist of this game (and I don’t want to say her image as well but that character looks a lot like her) and I’m super excited about that. What I caught from the trailer at E3 was that Page’s character seems to be able to communicate with someone we cannot see and she seems to have some sort of telekinetic power… and the fucking SWAT is after her. The trailer didn’t reveal much and I’m not completely sold on this game but I think it’s in good hands.

     And that’s it for now. 🙂 I’ll see what else I can post about soon enough and I’ll try to have another post up by the end of this week. Thanks for reading!