I have totally lost attention of my blog here. I meant to get it started again after school ended but I really haven’t found the time. I’m trying to work around a slightly hectic schedule nowadays but I intend on starting to write again sometime soon.

I’ll probably write mostly about TV, movies, video games, and the occasional random shit. I hope to have a post up about the E3 convention and what I’m excited for this coming fall. đŸ˜€ Sorry for ignoring my blog but here’s to more posts in the future!



P.S. Just a little something I thought worth mentioning. I don’t intend to start any outrage here. I try to write as carefully as possible in order to express my opinions and not piss off anybody which is easier said than done. If by any chance something sets you off, politely mention it. I’m glad that you value my opinion and I don’t want to make you leave because of something that could’ve have been a misunderstanding.