The wait was over. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was finally here. This franchise has successfully stepped out of the “World War II” roots that put them on every gamers must-have for the holidays. Over the last couple of years, Call of Duty has been breaking records all over the gaming industry. In 2009, Modern Warfare 2 set records by selling 4.7 million copies within 24 hours. Black Ops broke that record the next year by selling 5.6 million copies. Modern Warfare 3 was expected to surpass that number and it did. Within 24 hours, the game had already sold 6.5 million copies in the US and UK alone.


One thing that does help the hype of the gamers are midnight releases. Not all stores participate but those that do usually find themselves busy with huge crowds. Last year, I went to the midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops with a friend of mine we thought we were getting there at a decent time when we arrived at 11:30pm… We thought wrong, the line at Gamestop in the mall was backed up to the entrance at Target. This year, I thought I’d do better when I arrived at 10:45pm but I was proven wrong again.












I should have figured that Modern Warfare 3 would be crazier than Black Ops. Personally, I like the Modern Warfare franchise better and many others do as well. Gamestop at the mall had a midnight release of their own and they also held a tournament as well. They gave away an Xbox along with the game to whoever could win the “Free-for-all tournament” which is basically every man for himself. Above are a couple of pictures that I took of the guys (who were completely oblivious to the flashing camera by the way) who were playing in the tournament.


Even though I showed up almost an hour and a half before midnight, I got ticket number 122… I couldn’t believe that I was that far in the line even though I had arrived very early. I went and sat down with a friend of mine who was at the release and we watched some of the guys who were there for the tournament play. As midnight came closer we started heading to the store where we quickly saw the line getting bigger and bigger by the minute. We ended up going to the back of the line because we were told that the numbers on our tickets were just for a raffle that the store was having. We stood by the area where kids play and I snapped a couple more pictures of the crowd that was forming behind me. After a little while we were told that the numbers on our ticket were indeed the place in line where we were supposed to stand in and we headed to our respective spots. Taking pictures there presented a little bigger challenge for me seeing as how I stand at five feet and one inch but I managed to take a couple of more pictures of the crowd that was ahead of me. I can safely say that there were at least 200 people at that midnight release because I there were so many people behind me and I was considerably close to the store considering the spot I had been in.


After midnight struck, the line started moving considerably fast. I was 122nd in line and I was out within 20 minutes. One of my other friends was 155 in line and was out not five minutes after I was. I think  it’s safe to say that I’ll be avoiding the next midnight release of Call of Duty.