Well, here’s a little more information about me. I love photography. Some friends have called me a landscape photographer because I like taking picture of random things that I find out in town. But I also like taking pictures of people as well. I can’t really say much else about my photography. I like going around and I find inspiration for pictures at the oddest moments. I also tend to take at least twenty pictures per “session” that I do and only like about one or two pictures out of the entire set. I like using the light I am given mostly because I don’t have the means to afford those fancy studio lights in order to take nice studio worthy portraits. I’m currently taking a photography class at school and I’m hoping that this class makes me a better photographer with a better perspective for the field. Now here are some of the pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of months. Not necessarily those that I consider the best but I feel like they stand out and they each have a little story behind them.


The first picture is “Beer Bottles in the Plants” (top left corner). I was out walking around downtown Jonesboro around nighttime and I was wanting to take pictures of my cousin under the street lights but my idea for the picture was scratched off because the idea I had for the picture were different from actual reality. Simply put, the streetlights of downtown didn’t give me the picture that I had wanted. After being a little disappointed we walked around the area just to see what was going on when we stumbled across some plants and I saw the beer bottles inside. I took my camera out and snapped a couple of pictures and that one was the one I ended up liking the most. The next one is “A Sunrise by the Train Tracks” (top right corner). I love pictures of sunrises and sunsets so I decided to take some of my own. I looked up online what time the sunrise would be the day before so I decided to get up about 15 minutes before. I got up around 5:20 and I went outside… I waited for the sun to rise when I was quick to realize that what I had thought to be the sunrise was not exactly what I had hoped for. Yeah, the sun rose… but I still had to wait until the sun rose over the tree line in order to take the pictures. So while I was waiting, I took pictures of the nearby railroad tracks and this was one of the pictures that I ended up liking the most.

This next one is called “A Hard Worker” (center). I was over at a friend’s house that day and I was supposed to be taking pictures of her garden but instead I ended up taking pictures of her sandals setting out by her garden. I tend to have an eye for things that seem out of place and I felt that the combinations of the gloves, the sandals, the blanket, and the bricks felt out of place but also unique. I took about five pictures and this one was the one that we ended up liking the most. “A Walk at ASU” (right) is one of my favorite wide shot pictures. I don’t take many wide shot photographs… mostly because I feel that close up tell a better story. But my photography assignment that week was to have a wide shot so me being the procrastinator that I am waited until the day that the pictures were due to run around and try to find a picture. I looked for anyplace that would give me a good picture and I was walking to class I looked to the right and had a little moment of inspiration. I took my camera out and started to take pictures of the people walking down. This one was mine and my professor’s favorite one. My last one is “A Playing Snare” (bottom left). I was back in my old high school for our homecoming game and I was supposed to take pictures of the kids there but instead got distract and took pictures of miscellaneous things. I saw the snare drummers playing and I walked over to the and took the picture. I took about three but the reason I particularly like this one the most was because of the fact that I took this picture without looking through the lens. I’m surprised by some of the good pictures I’ve taking without looking through the lens of the camera and I really liked this one because of the angle and the fact that the you can tell that they were playing at the moment. I liked hoe the drumsticks look like they’re in motion. So that’s it for now and I hope you enjoyed reading about my pictures.