Well, I am by no means an angel. There isn’t too much thought behind the name of my blog either. All you need to know for it to make sense is that I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and I now live in Arkansas. In short words, even though I’ve lived here for about 5 years now, I still feel a little lost because it’s so much different than Los Angeles. That and I still get lost when I try to find places. With that said there’s not much to know about me…

  • I’m a short person (my 12-year-old sister is taller than me)
  • I love movie/TV. My collection is well over half my height
  • I like video games and I have a Playstation 3
  • I love traveling. Been to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and France.
  • I’m pretty morbid so it takes a lot to gross me out.
I guess that’s it for now. 🙂