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So… remember when I said that I’d try to write more on this blog? Well, life happened. I’m even busier now but I’m hoping to update soon.. Just watched a pretty cool pilot and I want to give my two cents on it. Bye! 😀


My E3 Picks

Well, I might be a little misleading because my title implies that I actually keep up with E3. I don’t. I don’t even know when it goes on until I see all the panel and conference videos on youtube. But this year I actually kept up with it….. only a little ;D. But I did get to catch glimpses on games that I’ve been wanting to know more about and I caught the attention of some very interesting looking games that I hadn’t heard of yet. Here go my picks in no particular order:

Assassin’s Creed III

The new protagonist of the game is a Native American/British named Connor.

Assassin’s Creed… This game had me when I first ran through the streets of Florence in AC II. So this game is a must-have for me. History is a huge reason why I like this game, no other game that I’ve play gives me the chance to run around in Renaissance Italy. I loved seeing the Coliseum, the Pantheon, Venice, Florence, Rome! I loved taking part of historical events and meeting historical people, and I was amused by how the creators of this game twisted history around a little.  I also love the fact that this game isn’t gun-and-run. I love that most of the missions here require stealth 😀 And that has remained consistent throughout each of the games.

I must admit that I was a little worried at first because I knew that they had to depart from Ezio and Italy. I mentioned earlier that part of the reason I loved the game was because I loved seeing Renaissance Italy. I had predicted that the new game would be set in either the American or French Revolution. I’m not going to lie, I would have wanted to see it see in France because…. it’s France and their whole revolution was a bloody mess! Think of all the history there! But I’m not disappointed with the game being set in the American revolution. I was a little worried in how his new game would get handled. From what I saw early on, much of the game seems like it will take place in the woods. So what exactly are we going to see scenery-wise? It’s not like Connor will be able to climb atop the Empire State Building in New York. Cities like Boston and New York aren’t the cities that amaze us today. I think I can live without seeing as how they are adding so many new things to the game. My favorite? THE BOW AND THE ARROW! Haha! I fangirled so much when I found out that you could finally use this weapon! I had been waiting for that weapon since Assassin’s Creed II!

So I need this game, I want to see how our history will be twisted, I want to climb huge cliff and sail through harbors, I want to run through the snow and kill a bunch of templars, but most importantly… I WANT THAT BOW AND ARROW!

Watch Dogs

     This is one of those games that caught my attention. You must watch this trailer. Nuff said. I’m still not sure what this game is about! All that I know for certain is that it gets massive bonus points for originality. See, the trailer don’t even include and clips of the game. A woman begins talking about a power outage in the Northeast caused by a single man in 2003 and how corporations are now tracking us and our digital shadow and how they use it to manipulate us. Not necessarily in a bad way, but for like marketing reasons. And how if someone hacks that today it could be much worse than it was in 2003. This is effin’ creepy and it got my attention, but I’m waiting till I see a little more of it before I talk about it. 

Tomb Raider

This is an origin reboot of the series.

When I first read about the reboot I was a little skeptical. I read the cover story about a year back about how they wanted to reboot the series and introduce it to a new generation of gamers. While I never played the old games or watched the movies, I’ve always thought fondly of Lara Croft. Who else wouldn’t love a female archeologist that can kick ass?! 🙂 I know that a lot of people were upset about the direction the franchise is taking, and after reading several comments on youtube I found out that some people don’t know the definition of an origin reboot. Since I never became invested in the original games then I can’t say I’m upset about the reboot. I actually like that they rebooted it and that they’re telling an origin story because I want to know how Lara Croft became that bad-ass archeologist. 🙂 It gives us who didn’t have a chance to play the original game to enjoy a new chapter of the franchise. I also don’t mind the fact that this chick don’t look like a skank. She has more realistic proportions to her body than the old Lara did. It just lets me know that games aren’t going to skew a woman’s body in order to sell more (or at least that’s what it looks like to me, think of how the chicks looked in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). I watch the gameplay trailer that debuted at E3 and I was sold. It probably helps that this game is being developed by the same people who have developed the Final Fantasy games. This is one of those games that I have extremely high hopes for so I hope is doesn’t disappoint me like L.A. Noire did.

The Last of Us

     Na-na-na-na-na! It’s a PS3 exclusive. 😛 Haha, I’m not one of those who is going to argue with you that the PS3 is better than the Xbox. I chose the PS3 because I like Sony better and because I like having that blu-ray player too. It’s also cool when you don’t have to pay money to play online. ;D (And do not even mention that horrible summer when the PSN went down) 😦 Anyway, this game is a post-apocalyptic game by the makers of Uncharted… Honestly, they had me at post-apocalyptic…. and watching gameplay of this video just made me want this game even more… It looks like a mix between Uncharted (not surprising but great since the game was awesome) and I am Legend. This game is my third must have. 😛 Expect it out sometime next year.

Beyond: Two Souls

     Like Watch Dogs, this is one of those games that caught my attention at E3. I’m not too sure what the plot will revolve around but knowing that this game is coming from the same people that made Heavy Rain makes me confident that this game will not disappoint. Ellen Page lends her voice talents to the protagonist of this game (and I don’t want to say her image as well but that character looks a lot like her) and I’m super excited about that. What I caught from the trailer at E3 was that Page’s character seems to be able to communicate with someone we cannot see and she seems to have some sort of telekinetic power… and the fucking SWAT is after her. The trailer didn’t reveal much and I’m not completely sold on this game but I think it’s in good hands.

     And that’s it for now. 🙂 I’ll see what else I can post about soon enough and I’ll try to have another post up by the end of this week. Thanks for reading!

I have totally lost attention of my blog here. I meant to get it started again after school ended but I really haven’t found the time. I’m trying to work around a slightly hectic schedule nowadays but I intend on starting to write again sometime soon.

I’ll probably write mostly about TV, movies, video games, and the occasional random shit. I hope to have a post up about the E3 convention and what I’m excited for this coming fall. 😀 Sorry for ignoring my blog but here’s to more posts in the future!



P.S. Just a little something I thought worth mentioning. I don’t intend to start any outrage here. I try to write as carefully as possible in order to express my opinions and not piss off anybody which is easier said than done. If by any chance something sets you off, politely mention it. I’m glad that you value my opinion and I don’t want to make you leave because of something that could’ve have been a misunderstanding.

A Midnight Release

The wait was over. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was finally here. This franchise has successfully stepped out of the “World War II” roots that put them on every gamers must-have for the holidays. Over the last couple of years, Call of Duty has been breaking records all over the gaming industry. In 2009, Modern Warfare 2 set records by selling 4.7 million copies within 24 hours. Black Ops broke that record the next year by selling 5.6 million copies. Modern Warfare 3 was expected to surpass that number and it did. Within 24 hours, the game had already sold 6.5 million copies in the US and UK alone.


One thing that does help the hype of the gamers are midnight releases. Not all stores participate but those that do usually find themselves busy with huge crowds. Last year, I went to the midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops with a friend of mine we thought we were getting there at a decent time when we arrived at 11:30pm… We thought wrong, the line at Gamestop in the mall was backed up to the entrance at Target. This year, I thought I’d do better when I arrived at 10:45pm but I was proven wrong again.












I should have figured that Modern Warfare 3 would be crazier than Black Ops. Personally, I like the Modern Warfare franchise better and many others do as well. Gamestop at the mall had a midnight release of their own and they also held a tournament as well. They gave away an Xbox along with the game to whoever could win the “Free-for-all tournament” which is basically every man for himself. Above are a couple of pictures that I took of the guys (who were completely oblivious to the flashing camera by the way) who were playing in the tournament.


Even though I showed up almost an hour and a half before midnight, I got ticket number 122… I couldn’t believe that I was that far in the line even though I had arrived very early. I went and sat down with a friend of mine who was at the release and we watched some of the guys who were there for the tournament play. As midnight came closer we started heading to the store where we quickly saw the line getting bigger and bigger by the minute. We ended up going to the back of the line because we were told that the numbers on our tickets were just for a raffle that the store was having. We stood by the area where kids play and I snapped a couple more pictures of the crowd that was forming behind me. After a little while we were told that the numbers on our ticket were indeed the place in line where we were supposed to stand in and we headed to our respective spots. Taking pictures there presented a little bigger challenge for me seeing as how I stand at five feet and one inch but I managed to take a couple of more pictures of the crowd that was ahead of me. I can safely say that there were at least 200 people at that midnight release because I there were so many people behind me and I was considerably close to the store considering the spot I had been in.


After midnight struck, the line started moving considerably fast. I was 122nd in line and I was out within 20 minutes. One of my other friends was 155 in line and was out not five minutes after I was. I think  it’s safe to say that I’ll be avoiding the next midnight release of Call of Duty.









A Little Hobby of Mine

      Well, here’s a little more information about me. I love photography. Some friends have called me a landscape photographer because I like taking picture of random things that I find out in town. But I also like taking pictures of people as well. I can’t really say much else about my photography. I like going around and I find inspiration for pictures at the oddest moments. I also tend to take at least twenty pictures per “session” that I do and only like about one or two pictures out of the entire set. I like using the light I am given mostly because I don’t have the means to afford those fancy studio lights in order to take nice studio worthy portraits. I’m currently taking a photography class at school and I’m hoping that this class makes me a better photographer with a better perspective for the field. Now here are some of the pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of months. Not necessarily those that I consider the best but I feel like they stand out and they each have a little story behind them.


The first picture is “Beer Bottles in the Plants” (top left corner). I was out walking around downtown Jonesboro around nighttime and I was wanting to take pictures of my cousin under the street lights but my idea for the picture was scratched off because the idea I had for the picture were different from actual reality. Simply put, the streetlights of downtown didn’t give me the picture that I had wanted. After being a little disappointed we walked around the area just to see what was going on when we stumbled across some plants and I saw the beer bottles inside. I took my camera out and snapped a couple of pictures and that one was the one I ended up liking the most. The next one is “A Sunrise by the Train Tracks” (top right corner). I love pictures of sunrises and sunsets so I decided to take some of my own. I looked up online what time the sunrise would be the day before so I decided to get up about 15 minutes before. I got up around 5:20 and I went outside… I waited for the sun to rise when I was quick to realize that what I had thought to be the sunrise was not exactly what I had hoped for. Yeah, the sun rose… but I still had to wait until the sun rose over the tree line in order to take the pictures. So while I was waiting, I took pictures of the nearby railroad tracks and this was one of the pictures that I ended up liking the most.

This next one is called “A Hard Worker” (center). I was over at a friend’s house that day and I was supposed to be taking pictures of her garden but instead I ended up taking pictures of her sandals setting out by her garden. I tend to have an eye for things that seem out of place and I felt that the combinations of the gloves, the sandals, the blanket, and the bricks felt out of place but also unique. I took about five pictures and this one was the one that we ended up liking the most. “A Walk at ASU” (right) is one of my favorite wide shot pictures. I don’t take many wide shot photographs… mostly because I feel that close up tell a better story. But my photography assignment that week was to have a wide shot so me being the procrastinator that I am waited until the day that the pictures were due to run around and try to find a picture. I looked for anyplace that would give me a good picture and I was walking to class I looked to the right and had a little moment of inspiration. I took my camera out and started to take pictures of the people walking down. This one was mine and my professor’s favorite one. My last one is “A Playing Snare” (bottom left). I was back in my old high school for our homecoming game and I was supposed to take pictures of the kids there but instead got distract and took pictures of miscellaneous things. I saw the snare drummers playing and I walked over to the and took the picture. I took about three but the reason I particularly like this one the most was because of the fact that I took this picture without looking through the lens. I’m surprised by some of the good pictures I’ve taking without looking through the lens of the camera and I really liked this one because of the angle and the fact that the you can tell that they were playing at the moment. I liked hoe the drumsticks look like they’re in motion. So that’s it for now and I hope you enjoyed reading about my pictures.





















It’s easy to forget sometimes the beauty of our planet, and no one is to blame for that. With everything that goes on around us, from protesters, to scandals, to ongoing wars, revolutions, and disastrous events, noticing the beauty of the planet we all inhabit seems the least of our worries. Which is why I admire landscape photographers who make it their mission in life to not let us forget that despite everything bad that happens around us that not everything is bad, there is hope for peace and tranquility for us. “The Mountain” was filmed by landscape photographer Terje Sorgjed in El Teide, one of Spain highest mountains and he captured some of the most beautiful landscape shots I’ve seen, helping see that our planet still has beauty and not corrupted by the human race.

Introducing the City Angel

Well, I am by no means an angel. There isn’t too much thought behind the name of my blog either. All you need to know for it to make sense is that I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and I now live in Arkansas. In short words, even though I’ve lived here for about 5 years now, I still feel a little lost because it’s so much different than Los Angeles. That and I still get lost when I try to find places. With that said there’s not much to know about me…

  • I’m a short person (my 12-year-old sister is taller than me)
  • I love movie/TV. My collection is well over half my height
  • I like video games and I have a Playstation 3
  • I love traveling. Been to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and France.
  • I’m pretty morbid so it takes a lot to gross me out.
I guess that’s it for now. 🙂